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Date of Birth: 22 December 1975, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Birth Name: Christina McMillan
Height: 5' 2" (1,57 m)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
Filmography: 56 as actress
Alternate Names: Chrissy M., Crissy M., Chrissy Morgan, Chrissy Moran

Gorgeous 5'2" brunette knockout Crissy Moran was born Christina McMillan on December 22, 1975 in Jacksonville, Florida. She's of Hawaiian descent. Moran briefly worked at a local Hooters restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, but eventually quit because she found the work environment degrading. Crissy went on to work at a retail store, The County Clerk of Courts, and the Supervisor of Elections Office prior to pursuing a career in the adult entertainment industry. Moran launched her career in the adult entertainment industry by posting bikini photos of herself on the Internet in the fall of 1999; this led to modeling work in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California for Playboy and Hustler. Crissy then established her own successful on-line adult website. She moved to California and began performing in explicit hardcore movies in 2001. Moran appeared in over 40 adult features and was making 15,000 dollars a month at the height of her career prior to becoming a Christian and announcing her retirement from the sex industry in October, 2006. Crissy resides in Los Angeles, California; she's now a member of the staff for the non-profit outreach and support group Treasures Ministries as well as works on the advisory board for Beauty From Ashes Ministry, a non-profit organization that focuses its attention on men and women in the adult entertainment industry.



  • Has a brother who is two years younger than her.
  • British singer Darren Hayman did a song about Moran in 2005 called "Crissy M".
  • Announced retirement from the adult film industry to become a Christian. [March 2007]

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