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Date of Birth: 14 October 1967, Rochester, New York, USA
Birth Name: Natalie Oliveros
Height: 5'5" (1,65 m)
Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)
Filmography: 130 as actress
Alternate Names: [none]

Savanna Samson was trained as a ballerina, spending years at ballet school. That training eventually served her well when she decided to become an exotic dancer, and her talent and extraordinary beauty landed her a job at Scores, one of the country's top "gentleman's clubs", in New York City. Her entrance into the adult-film business was a bit unusual. She knew that her boyfriend had always wanted to see her have sex with another man, so when they decided to get married she secretly wrote to porn legend Rocco Siffredi, enclosing her picture and asking him if he would perform with her. He readily agreed, and she flew to Paris to make Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris (2000) and gave it to her new husband as a wedding present. Needless to say, when porn producers got a look at her in that film the offers came pouring in, and her career as a porn starlet was off and running. In addition to performing in videos, she has made numerous appearances on the show of her friend Howard Stern and even on Late Night with David Letterman (1982).


Daniel Oliveros (1999 - ?) (divorced) (1 child)


  • Trained as a ballerina, performing as recently as 1996.
  • Part Italian, Scottish, Irish and German.
  • She began her ballet studies at thirteen.
  • She, along with Jenna Jameson and Taylor Hayes, had a pictorial spread in "Vanity Fair" magazine.
  • She has a son, Luchino (born in 2002) with her ex-husband, Daniel Oliveros.
  • Cited Kimberly Kane as her favorite female porn star to do girl-girl scenes with.
  • Started her own wine company, Savanna Samson Wines, in early 2006. Her first wine produced was a red wine named Sogno Uno (Dream One).

Personal Quotes

I loved being a Vivid Girl. I loved starring in my own movies. I loved transforming from little 'ole me to Savanna Samson. I started my career with Rocco Siffredi and that is how I'd like to end it. I am going to ask him to be my first and now my last. I don't want my last movie to be Savanna Samson Is the Masseuse (2011). I want it to be 'Rocco Retires an American Angel in Wherever'. Hmmm, good idea? I will contact him.

[on scenes involving multiple partners] I'm usually heavily medicated in those situations. [...] Look, you know, it is what it is. I would have a conversation with myself in the mirror and say, 'Look, you gotta do this thing.'

[regarding condom use in her scenes] I love the idea about safe sex but I don't like the way it feels and looks on camera. Vivid is a condom-optional company which now opens the door for other male performers that weren't able to work for Vivid because of condom use. I do all my testing 3 days to a week before working with another performer.

[on her endeavor in the wine business] I have to go forth as a businesswoman and not use my body to get what I want. So that's always a challenge for me!



AVN Awards

Inducted: Hall of Fame

Nominee: Best Actress, Savanna Samson Is the Masseuse (2011)



AVN's Top 10 Bitchin' All-Girl Sex Scenes, Masseuse 1 (2004)

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